Pulsar Necklace

Pulsar Necklace

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*If your chain length and/or stone choice is not listed or is out of stock, let me make it for you! CLICK HERE TO EMAIL ME and I'll get you set up. Your made to order piece will take approximately 4 weeks to be shipped (bonus: US shipping is always free on made to order pieces). 

Carved in wax, cast, and finished all by hand in Portland, Oregon. 

Recycled sterling silver

Polished sterling with a fine texture. Blackened in recesses, and a heavy patina on chain

Chain is 18'' long

6mm faceted stone set upside down with culet facing out like a spike

Citrine is golden yellow

Smoky Quartz is brown

Rutilated Quartz is clear with copper shards throughout

Peridot is bright lime green

Garnet is dark burgundy red

London Blue Topaz is medium denim blue

Black Spinel is pitch black

Moldavite is medium army green

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