Bastet Necklace

Bastet Necklace

*If you want a different length it is out of stock, let me make it for you! CLICK HERE TO EMAIL ME and I'll get you set up. Your made to order piece will take approximately 6 weeks to be shipped (bonus: US shipping is always free on made to order pieces). Just changing the length of the chain on an in stock piece has about a 10 day turn-around.

Carved in wax, cast, and finished all by hand in Portland, Oregon. 

Recycled sterling silver

2.75'' tall, 1'' wide, approx 1/2'' deep

Heavyweight statement locket box necklace, with a very heavy texture and dark patina to mimic the the linen wrap on a mummy. The lid to the box has a open (perforated), weave like pattern that fastens to the back with a tab at the base and loop and hooks on each side. 

Chain is approximately 24'' long and the hooks on each end hold the box closed. 

chain length:
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